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Guess What? New Stuff!!

Now introducing...  Infused Honey. Shop nOW SWEET SWEET, BEE NECTAR! Andi B. A Texas-based food/business writer, lover of d.i.y., chunky sweaters, and nature. Mom of - soon to be 2, wife, and Jesus lover.   CEO/Owner of:  One Feisty Chef LLC  + Feisty Spices  ‼️NEW PRODUCT ALERT FOODIES‼️   We are kicking off the new year with new products, first up - INFUSED HONEY. Be on the look out for sporadic drops of the many different flavors we’ll be releasing over the next few months.  If you haven’t already gotten a glimpse of on of our Infused Honey Blends, let me break the news. Our Roasted Mandarin Orange Infused Honey is one of the firsts that we just made available for purchase this...

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New Year & COVID's Still Here

New Year + COVIDs Still Here. Andi B.A Texas-based food writer, lover of d.i.y., chunky sweaters, and nature. Mom of - soon to be 2, wife, and Jesus lover.   CEO/Owner of:  One Feisty Chef LLC   Feisty Spices  A little late but here it goes..    HAPPY NEW YEAR YALL!    It’s no surprise that THIS New Year was completely different from others in the past. Some people still celebrated with friends and loved ones, lucky jokers. But the rest of us, celebrated in the comfort of our homes alone or with family. It just wasn’t the same, you know.. large crowds of people, shimmering dresses, dapper suits, confetti, balloons, CHAMPAGNE 🍾 - it was greatly missed this year.      On the upside...

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The GIFT•ish Guide

GIFTING AIN'T EASY! ESPECIALLY DURING A PANDEMIC... "Love the giver more than the gift." — Brigham Young It's no surprise  Christmas 2020 has shifted  most of our traditional plans. From social distancing to minimized travel - and worst of all the loss of jobs and reduction in salaries for most Whether you celebrate this year or decide to take a hard pass on the festivities all together - Christmas is still coming.  For all who  want to give gifts but may be on the fence due to timing and  the scraping of extra cash,  here are a few last minute gift options that are budget friendly and sure to please. (scroll below) For those opting out of the gift exchange,...

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