Guess What? New Stuff!!

Now introducing...  Infused Honey.


Andi B.

A Texas-based food/business writer, lover of d.i.y., chunky sweaters, and nature. Mom of - soon to be 2, wife, and Jesus lover.   CEO/Owner of:  One Feisty Chef LLC  + Feisty Spices 


 We are kicking off the new year with new products, first up - INFUSED HONEY. Be on the look out for sporadic drops of the many different flavors we’ll be releasing over the next few months. 

If you haven’t already gotten a glimpse of on of our Infused Honey Blends, let me break the news. Our Roasted Mandarin Orange Infused Honey is one of the firsts that we just made available for purchase this week. 

What makes our infused honey so special?

For starters, all of our honey is organic and locally sourced. That’s right, organic TEXAS MADE honey!  And on top of that, our flavor infusion goes beyond simple herb and spice blends. We’re taking it to a new level!

We’re talking about Chai Tea infused honey all the way over to Raspberry Chipotle infused.. I mean come on!! Where will you be able to find this type of unique blends? I’ll tell you where.. FEISTY SPICES! 

Are you ready for flavor overload?  If not, I suggest you get ready... because it’s coming! 

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