New Year & COVID's Still Here

New Year + COVIDs Still Here.

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A little late but here it goes..  


 It’s no surprise that THIS New Year was completely different from others in the past. Some people still celebrated with friends and loved ones, lucky jokers. But the rest of us, celebrated in the comfort of our homes alone or with family. It just wasn’t the same, you know.. large crowds of people, shimmering dresses, dapper suits, confetti, balloons, CHAMPAGNE 🍾 - it was greatly missed this year.  

   On the upside I did enjoy seeing how everyone pivoted their celebrations in their cozy homes via social media. From the living room solo dance sessions to the the backyard fireworks displays. One thing I love about people, is that we are resilient and full of creativity. 

    Though full of resilience, we all still get a little weary of the uncontrollable circumstances due to COVIDs unwelcome stay. Yet, here we are - 8 days into the 2021 New Year and it doesn’t look like COVID will be packing up any time soon. With healthcare providers and medical companies still in the beginning stages of COVID vaccine testing and production. Who knows when we will have an improved “new” normal.

    Medisafe CEO, Omri Shor predicts the COVID vaccine not being available to the masses until mid-2021. Let’s be honest - an available vaccine still isn’t going the be the solution to our problems. Some people will wait until it’s prescribed by a doctor, others will receive it when they feel it’s been safely tested on enough people, and the rest... well.. will probably still refuse to get it. 

  So where does that leave us today?

  Many business have been affected by this pandemic (including my own). The art of the pivot has been a number one topic amongst business owners and entrepreneurs.  

  For businesses still operating, how will COVID vaccines and employers affect businesses that are open and reopening? Should mandatory COVID 19 vaccinations be a required of employees of small businesses?

  Ultimately, that decision is still up to the business owner. Ask yourself, WOULD A MANDATORY VACCINE POLICY BE BENEFICIAL TO ALL OF YOU OPERATIONS, TO ALL OF YOUR EMPLOYEES, AND YOUR BUSINESS VISITORS AND CLIENTS….IF SO, WHY? HMM really makes you think doesn’t it?

    It’s really based the small business and its operations.  A hospitality or catering business may benefit more from mandating COVID vaccinations, then an online based apparel brand.  Plus, there’s so much to consider - how will the vaccine be administered? Will it be covered by the company, company insurance, or out of pocket for employees? What if an employers had an adverse reaction to the vaccine, now who’s considered liable? Whew! Now as a small business, you are tapping into the potentiality of being faced with workers’ compensation claims. We’re getting deeper and deeper here. 

    There are so many “what if’s” - no wonder it’s still up to the employer to decide whether they require employees to get vaccinated or not.  

Sooo much to think about only 8 days into New Year.  Sheesh!    

Welcome to 2021 Y’all! 

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