Rollin' Rollin' Rollin' Words from: Chef Andi  Lasagna roll-ups are a little more time consuming than just a regular  pan of lasagna...but oh so fun to make. Plus, making lasagna roll-ups lets me recruit help from The Kid  (my oldest so), he loves helping me cook - plus its my hack t get him to try new things. For some reason I can get him to eat more veggies, if he assists with cooking them. Feel free to take notes.  Stuff You Need PREP - 25 mins                                          COOK - 45 to 50 mins                 ...

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OKAY THERE'S NO WAY, VEGAN BOUDIN CAN BE GOOD! RIGHT?! Words from: Chef Andi  Why the heck not?! Let me tell you something, as much as I love boudin...this baby takes the cake. When the hubby and I were on a no meat kick, we were craving boudin and sausage...hard. So I decided to try out some vegan boudin to keep us from dropping the ball on our meat cleanse. All I have to say is, it definitely held us over and was a BIG hit with hubby. Stuff You Need PREP - 15 mins                                          COOK - 45 mins     ...

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vegan chili, meaty? no way! Words from: Chef Andi  I'm a HUGE fan of homemade chili. Please tell me you agree - don't leave me hanging. There's just something about a hearty, chunky, hot bowl of meats and beans with a little kick; that warms my body and soul. SO WHY VEGAN? Because it's just as meaty that why! WITH..twice as much flavor thanks to this sure fire recipe below. Check it out. Try it out. Let me know what you think.  Stuff You Need PREP - 15 mins                                          COOK - 30 mins                 ...

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