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vegan chili, meaty? no way! Words from: Chef Andi  I'm a HUGE fan of homemade chili. Please tell me you agree - don't leave me hanging. There's just something about a hearty, chunky, hot bowl of meats and beans with a little kick; that warms my body and soul. SO WHY VEGAN? Because it's just as meaty that why! WITH..twice as much flavor thanks to this sure fire recipe below. Check it out. Try it out. Let me know what you think.  Stuff You Need PREP - 15 mins                                          COOK - 30 mins                 ...

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BEEF + BROCCOLI, NO SOY SAUCE Words from: Chef Andi  Baked ziti, baked ziti where do I start? Oh I know, I've upgraded you. I hope you like it. Obviously, she's not too upgraded, but this makeover was much needed. I got a little tired of seeing the same tomato sauce baked ziti on every italian restaurants menu. Nothing but a gussied up baked spaghetti in my opinion. So I decided to go all the way left with opting for alfredo sauce and adding a little broccoli - because why not? Veggies rule! At least in my house they do. Hope y'all enjoy this yummy family friendly ziti recipe. Stuff You Need PREP - 15 mins           ...

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No Boil Lasagna

lasagna, lasagna - YAY! Words from: Chef Andi  Lasagna gets a bit of a bad rap. There are those who love the classic Italian dish, but don't have the time to prepare it. Then, there are those who have had a bad lasagna experience or have just never given it a chance at all. Whatever the case may be, I'm here to give you a simple, straightforward lasagna recipe that will easily become one of your favorites.  Stuff You Need PREP - 30 mins                                          COOK - 60 mins                           ...

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