The Spice Pack
The Spice Pack
The Spice Pack

The Spice Pack

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Not sure where to start on your spice journey?

Start with The Spice Pack!

The Spice Pack is our sample kit that features all 23 of our spice blends for you enjoy while you determine your favorites. (Here's a'll love them all!)

Spices Included:

  • Bae - brown sugar lime blend
  • Basic - all purpose paprika blend
  • Bold - cumin and cinnamon blend
  • Bossy - spicy garlic blend
  • Bougie - blueberry cinnamon blend
  • Clapback - creole tomato and bell pepper blend
  • Feisty - spicy italian tomato blend
  • Fierce - sweet potato pepper
  • Finesse - honey mustard blend
  • Flame - cherry chipotle blend
  • Le Blanc - cauliflower and onion/garlic powder seasoning
  • Lit - orange pepper blend
  • Mirepoix - carrot, onion, celery blend
  • Noir - black garlic and rosemary blend
  • Regular - sea salt and four pepper blend
  • Salty - basil and kale kosher salt blend
  • Shameless - strawberry pepper blend
  • Simple - lemon thyme blend
  • Slay - mango habanero blend
  • Smoke - alderwood smoked sea salt
  • Vibes - herb and beet pepper blend
  • Whoa - blackening seasoning
  • Woke - cajun coffee rub

You'll receive a a mini spice book to give you more information on each spice in your kit.